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Ashley @ MontrealPlus

I had the feeling for a more mature lady so I called escortsmontrealplus and spoke with Pete.
He suggested Ashley ho's just recently back from a sabbatical. This lady is a real cougar. She's a young looking 45 year old, slim around 5'3 small perky breasts with blonde hair, a spinner many would say. She arrived when promised, made me feel comfortable right away, great attitude and smile. From what I understand she can be quite kinky with just about everything was on the menu a Gfe lady who really aims to please. The cost was the Vip rate of $200 which was well worth it for me. A definite repeat.





Had planned to see Ashley before but was unable to schedule ahead. This time things worked out and she was available the next day if you are into mature sweet woman I recommend Ashley. I know Montreal has plenty great providers, but I still find it tough to find the more mature types and Ashley fits that.

Ashley is not shy about speaking her mind, possibly it because she is a more mature woman but I find it real sexy when they are as open and opinionated on things from culture travel politics to sex, that said I still was able to let her know what I enjoy. Moving on Ashley is a petite woman I was a little surprised when I opened the door I had a instant hard on she had a nice sexy shirt/dress outfit and sexy black nylons with lingerie underneath . After a half hour of chit chat,wineand kissing we moved onto the bedroom again she is a tiny woman after a little bj she started on top cowgirl she felt real good to me really surprised how tight from there we switched positions every few minutes I wanted see what each position felt like. After about 20 minutes she was on her back my arms around her thighs with me standing on the edge of the berthed height was just right and I could fell her getting wet, this was such a turn on after about a minute I just had to explode. After more chit chat kissing she got me up with more NJ and repeat said activities.


Appearance 7 - Attractive
Performance 8 - went the extra mile
Attitude - terrific
Atmosphere - very relaxed


Crywolf Posts 378

Had the pleasure to finally meet Ashley after being touted by her superb pictures.

Knock on the door, here comes Ashley in a long coat, she's in her 40s and 5'3, blonde hair.

After some chit chat, she went to change in her outfit, came back with crotchless knickers and black bra.

She has soft skin. Ashley is not a clock watcher and likes to take her time with some massage, DFK and teasing of little CW.

After some foreplay, I went for the main course : DATY. Clean and tight pussy, she really enjoyed my treatment at the Y. Ashley is a moaner and dirty talker. We then went 69, I had to tell her to stop because it was so intense.

Put herself on her stomach and asked for some massage, in place of massage I went directly to her pussy with digits, Ashley was wet and ready.

Little CW wanted some action badly, out come the party hat, started with doggy and finished in mish. As I mentioned, Ashley is a moaner and dirty talker, she liked it when I was suckling her tits and going at it. We came with a BANG.

After being disappointed with some newbie at ., I decided to go MILF and I was not disappointed. I had a complete GFE experience with a "no-rush" service from aA perfect evening with Ashley...

As a hobbyist coming from the Sherbrooke region, you learn very fast that every time you call a Sherbrooke agency or an independent sp/mp, it is like playing russian roulette. You never, ever know what's going to be waiting for you across that door. Since there are no websites, thus no photos, the person at the other end of the phone lies to you through is teeth to lure you in anyway. Being in this situation time after time, I always considered myself like an adventurer. It was like facing the great unknown. Just ask the rest of the S-Team members. Since moving my hobbying habits to Montreal at the beginning of this year, I've played it very safe, choosing girls that had been reviewed and that physically appealed to me.

With this in mind, the adventurer in me came back to life saturday night when I chose to spend some time with this lady:

As you can see, her last review dates back to over 2 years ago. Exchanging emails back and forth with Ashley was easy and painless. She was always prompt in answering my questions about the services that she provided. And finally, setting up a date and time was flawless. The fee is $300/2 Hrs.

At the appointed hour, I heard a knock on the door. And there was Ashley . Her photos and physical description on her page are accurate to a tee. What you see is what you get. Now guys, remember all through this review that Ashley is 40, maybe a bit older. I didn't ask for her driver's licence. And it didn't matter to me anyway. She came in with this huge smile on her face, said hello and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. She called the agency to say that she had arrived. So we sat down on the couch close to one another and I served her some white wine. She is a light smoker right now, as she is trying to quit. Ashley as a pleasant face. Sure she isn't 20 anymore, and she knows that. She also understands that she won't be everyone's cup of tea. Conversation with this lady was great from the get go. She is calm, has a down to hearth personality and is not shy. She's well spoken and as you can imagine, has a lifetime of experience. By the way, she speaks a little bit of french, but she is much more comfortable conversing in english. Ashley is also a big hockey fan, ( Toronto is her favorite So we would talk and sometimes take a peek at the Montreal-Boston game on TV.

At one point, the conversation turned to the options listed on her page. I was curious to hear from her what some of them meant. My god, this little lady does provide some exciting options to the guys that are really kinky in their demands. Ashley is wide open to a lot of stuff, as long as you are reasonable and that it doesn't evolve into something that she could lose control of or put her in any physical danger. And on top of all of this, she also provides greek. She managed to create a nice little niche market for herself. She said that she's got mostly repeat customers...and they range in age from 20 to 70 years old. Of note, during all of our conversation, she just kept looking straight into my eyes, smiling and laughing.

After about 25 minutes or so, she put her glass down and sat on me cowgirl. We got into a long and slow DFK. God, Ashley loves to kiss...and does it with passion. It was hot and it got me really excited. We moved to the bedroom where I slowly undressed her. She may be 40, but she has a perfect tiny body. She as a few tattoos, but that is a non issue for me. Continued with the DFK, kissed her neck, bit her ears. Went to take care of her nice breasts. She just loves them being caressed, licked and her nipples bitten gently. She would moan in approval. Continued down brushing my tongue on her stomach. Then got to Daty. She was clean, fresh and tasted so nice. Ashley was really getting excited, gyrating her hips, putting her hands on my head as to tell me not to stop. She also started speaking dirty to me. I'd never had a girl speak like this during the act...and honestly, real or fake, it was kind of exciting to hear. It was so good to do that to her that I just wouldn't stop eating her. But at one point, she did stop me. I asked her if she was OK...and she said: dear, I've had 2 big orgasms already, I can't take it anymore. lol.

I asked her to put the hat on and started with mish. She felt tight. While I trusted in her, we would alternate between DFK and me kissing her breasts. She put her arms around me to hold me tight. Oh, and the dirty talking continued also. I managed to make her come again. Then went for doggy. The view from behind, her tiny little ass and looking at fido going in and out of her was just fantastic. Ashley's excitement level never diminished. Contrary to a few of my last sessions, I lasted quite a long time...finally lol We finished round one in that position.

We took a short break. Had more wine and both smoked a cig.

For round two, I took her by the hand and we got back on the bed. We got into 69 with her on top. Did this for a few minutes and she decided to turn around and pay full attention to fido. At first, her BBBJ was king of disappointing. Just sucking the top with not enough pressure on fido. But as she went along, it got a lot better. She would go up and down my shaft, DT was also part of the act. She would sometimes use a combination of hand/mouth and go back to only mouth. It felt great. I was not sure if she would have the patience to make me come again, but she just kept at it. She did put her 100% into it. It took a while, but she finished me with CIM...continuing until there was nothing left to come out. No SW. It was just great.

Looking at the time, we had gone past our 2 hours. She went to the bathroom to freshen up, and then got dressed. Then I went downstairs with her to see her off.

Would I repeat with her? Of course I would. Everything was great. I'm really happy that I took a chance to see Ashley . She is just a sweetheart and her service is second to none.

Stud out...

class act lady.

Repeat : yes.

Courtesan in Ottawa Ashley

 Kidleather Posts 27

Ashley est une remarquable femme de 40 ans environ avec un beau petit corps de rêve ouverte aux fantasies.Parle anglais.Service correct,Une femme que ta as envie d'embrasser tous les jours...Une répétition s'impose...
Agence correcte

levley Posts 111


I saw Ashley last week and was very happy with the visit at an east end motel. She has no restrictions that I know of. She's a beautiful woman and shapely too.
She received me with a big kiss. We chatted a bit then I undressed her very slowly, the way I like to.
We laid down and proceeded with lots of DFK and caresses. She finished me with a BBBJ which is my favorite.
Summary: looks - 9/10
attitude - 10/10
Service - 10/10


Posts 44

Ashley Review

This is the 40 year old Ashley from EC, pink dress in her picture. She's obviously older but in very good shape and has a very sexy body. Overall very good service, from the dispatch who followed up very professionally, to herself being friendly and playful. She came dressed discreetly for the incall, and very sexy underneath. She's also open minded about fetishes. I'll probably repeat at some point.



It was very pleasant and enjoyable.

Ashley is a very elegant lady in her mid 40. Her Body is kind of nice for her age and she has a very kind personality. She is openmind and eager to please. She is small 5'2, slim and taned with straight blond hair. Nice skin. Pictures are accurate : GFE, BBBJ, DFK, DatY..

.I would repeat.

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